luridprophecies (luridprophecies) wrote in bledelstillness,

Challenge 5

- You must use the images provided
- No animation. This is in fact a stillness community
- No text only icons
- Icons must fit the basic LJ requirements (must be .jpg, .png, .gif, <40KB, 100x100)
- You may reuse the images and blend the images as much as you like
- You may enter up to SIX icons
- Do not post your icons anywhere until the voting is over
- Submit your icons as a comment like this:

Icons must be submitted by Friday, September 28th Tuesday, October 2nd

[Optional:] Since not many people have been entering lately, I need help advertising, so if you could maybe advertise at your livejournal or at Alexis communities, I will give you an extra point in voting to your icon of choice
-Post the URL of where you advertised along with your icons
-Let me know which of the icons you want the extra point for


Have fun, Be Creative, and Good Luck all! :)

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